The Dragon Empire is spread over a world of a 1000 islands, torn apart by the orbit of its four moons. Seismic shifts and vicious storms leave most of the landmasses in constant flux. Only the Archmage’s beacons keep the 7 great cities from being washed away, but now his power is waning. Myriad threats nip at the Dragon Empire.

The Crusader and his Burning Fleet, powered by infernal energies, attack the hellholes, giant demonic whirlpools, leaving alien strongholds in their place. The Kilhari Lord rises in the north, uniting the raiding parties and holdfasts of his people. The Three hatch a plot against the Aquarian Queen to free the Green and unite their power.TALES-FROM-EARTHSEA_10_JPG.jpg

Are you brave enough to sail the 13 Seas?

Tales of the 13 Seas

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